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best opportunities

Department of Environmental Affairs Learnerships 2016-2017

Learnerships in this category ranges from ocean life, wildlife, the air, land and all that our universe consists of. You will be able to bridge the gap between studies and the workplace, gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience with these Learnerships. The Department of Environmental Affairs is constantly seeking talented young individuals who have a great ambition to make a difference in life.

The South African Government see the youth as the life and future of the country, thus, they offer learnerships to bright minds of the future. They provide equal opportunities, aiding in education, training and skills development within all fields. These learnerships assist in the economy, builds up communities and ensure work for all the people. Most of these are aimed at the scares skills.

Some of these learnerships may even offer successful candidates full-time employment, but it is not guaranteed. If this is your field of interest, keep on reading.
Department of Environmental Affairs Learnerships Available

There are many learnerships available within all sectors of this department. They are constantly seeking young and energetic candidates to be trained within various scarce fields.

Some career paths may comprise of the following options:

Human Resources
Public Relations
Media Studies
Water Agents
Information Technology
Customer Relationship Management
Analytical Chemistry
Supply Chain Management
Environmental Management
Marine Science
Town Planning
Business Administration
Waste management
Pollution Management
Asset Management
Public Administration

Department of Environmental Affairs Learnerships Requirements

Candidates who wish to apply for these learnerships must fulfill the requirements, of the department as set out on the application for the field.

These may include the following:

Candidates must be a South African Citizen
Candidates must hold a valid South African ID document
Candidates must comply with the requirements as set out on the application
Candidates must hold a Matric with Science and Mathematics
Candidates must have great communication skills
Must be able to communicate and interact with clients and customers
Must be passionate about the environment and making a difference
Must be unemployed

Candidates must ensure that the application form is filled in completely, signed and all documentation certified and attached. Candidates must also be willing to enter into a service contract with the Department for a duration up to 36 months. Candidates with a relevant technical knowledge will be seen as an added advantage.

Documentation that has to be attached to your application are as follow:

Curriculum Vitae
Grade 12 Results
All and any Academic Records
Applicants ID documentation

Department of Environmental Affairs Learnerships Application

Online applications is not available at present. Applications can be collected at your closest Department of Environmental Affairs, and also returned there once completed. Applicants fill in the form completely, sign it and attach an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae, with all certified copies of documentation as stipulated. For more information on their programs and availability candidates can visit their website.

Applications that are not filled in completely, missing a signature, missing documentation or are received late will not be considered. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Candidates may deem their application unsuccessful if they have not heard anything from the department within two months, after closing dates.
Department of Environmental Affairs Learnerships Closing Date

Applications can be made during May and June each year. Candidates are encouraged to carefully consider this career path. Environmental work is not made for everyone, if you do not feel within your heart that this is your ‘calling’, then do not apply. If you feel it is and not just another job opportunity, you will fit right in.

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