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Apply for Traffic Officer Learnership 2018

Traffic Officer learnership 2018Traffic Officer Learnership 2018
Traffic Officer Learnerships ApplicationLearnerships online applications processes are made available by some companies. They do not all offer this process, and applications can be collected at the offices.

Candidates will be asked to complete a Z83 Form, this can be found at each of the Provincial Government Departments.
Candidates are urged to please complete these forms in full, and sign them.

Each application ought to include a certified copy of the candidates ID Document, any and all qualifications, License, Curriculum Vitae as well as contact details.

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Applicants must be willing to travel, and relocate if asked to do so.

Most of the training that candidates will receive will be in accordance to the SAQA Registered Qualification standards for Traffic Officers.

This module has been divided into several sections. This is to ensure that all standards are met with equality.

Candidates can expect to do the following modules during their learnership:

*.Personal Orientation

*.Legislation & People

*.Legislation & Traffic

*.Legislation & Vehicle Compliance

*.Legislation & Traffic Hazards

*.Load Compliance

*.Communications with the Public

Late applications will not be considered, thus, candidates are urged to ensure that, they have their applications in prior to closing dates.

Most of the companies involved in these learnerships, ask that candidates please allow three months after closing dates for communications.

If no communications have been received within this time, candidates can assume their applications were unsuccessful.

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