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bitcoin is the answer

Bitcoin dominated the financial world breaking records every month throughout 2017.

Ever had a case where you wished you had bought something in the past that eventually went up significantly in value? Perhaps a plot in a low-value district which is now worth ten times more? Well, then you need to see how well Bitcoin investors have done in the past few months alone.


In January 2017, Bitcoin hit $1000 and the world took notice. 5 months later Bitcoin doubled its value to $2000, and the world media and newspapers all over the citystarted filling up with stories of self-made millionaires who made their money from investing small amounts in Bitcoin. Another two months after that, Bitcoin shocked the world by tripling its value to $6000, only to increase one month after that to the staggering value of $13,000.

At the time of writing these lines, Bitcoin has already reached the $13,000 mark, and it seems Bitcoin is hitting new highs even more frequently now.

In part, it’s simple math: the jump from $1,000 to $2,000 is much steeper in percentage terms than from $12,000 to $13,000. Still, as Bitcoin surpasses each new symbolic value, it attracts more attention, and with more attention comes more demand, and so its value continues to rise.

Billionaires such as PayPal’s founder Wenses Caseres confidently say Bitcoin can reach as high as $1,000,000 in the coming years, while software giant John McAfee publically predicted Bitcoin prices to reach as high as $500,000 by 2020, That would require an 800% increase per year, and with 2017 exceeding all predictions for Bitcoin value, their forecast for 2018 and the years to come for Bitcoin does not seem farfetched anymore.



The main idea behind Bitcoin and why it makes so much sense is very simple. Normal currencies are controlled by governments, who are able to print money when they need it. By doing so, they can cause the value of their own currency to go down overnight, for example, when they need to repay a debt. Bitcoin is solving this issue by completely removing the government’s control from this equation – meaning, there’s no central bank or government which can print Bitcoin. Moreover, Bitcoin was created with a mathematical limitation to the number of Bitcoins that can be created, and so it creates an economy where no government can intervene. With limited supply and a constantly rising demand, the more people buying Bitcoin, the more its value is going to rise.

highest paying jobs in Africa


1 best job in africa  air craft

The career choice you make is influenced by a number of factors. But without a doubt, one of the most critical factors in determining career path is the amount of money you’ll make.

We scoured the web to find out which careers will take home the big bucks. In descending order we also included the highest earning potential for each job, according to Payscale.1Air traffic controllers

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system. This is incredibly mentally challenging and requires that they make split second decisions that can have a huge impact on the lives’ of people.

Air traffic controllers need to be extremely competent in a number of areas, including area radar, approach, approach radar and aerodrome.

Highest earning potential: R456 171

2 best job in africa  software engineer

The continuous development in technology requires the skills of software engineers. They are responsible for the design, development and maintenance of software and shape the way computers work. In other words, the entire global system lies in their hands.

Software engineers must have qualifications in computer science and programming.

Highest earning potential: R559 584

best job in africa  lawyer

A lawyer’s expertise can be charged per hour. Not only do they need to obtain an undergraduate degree, but they also need a specilised law degree. That’s not all. Lawyers also need to go through extensive training to become a lawyer in order to practice.

Highest earning potential: R571 671

4 best job in africa  Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers are often involved with crude oil or natural gas, and the activities that concern obtaining and producing them. The role of a petroleum engineer requires a combination of innovation, exploration and expansion as a huge amount of intelligence and training are needed to be successful.

Petroleum engineers need to spend years studying and training in order to have a good knowledge of physics, chemical engineering and mining engineering.

Highest earning potential: R572 600

5 it manager

From monitoring operational requirements to researching strategies and building cost-effective and efficient solutions, IT managers need to have a thorough understanding of information technology systems.

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The highest paying skills associated with IT Managers are people management and project management.

Highest pay: R780 159

Increase your skill set with a online couse.

6 chatared accountant

Tasked with examining and preparing financial reports, chartered accountants are responsible for ensuring that financial records are accurate and filed on time. To start off their career they and need to have an accounting degree from an accredited SAICA university. Once equipped with their degree, they need to complete a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA).

Skills that earn accountants more money include budget management, evaluation and management auditing and financial analysis.

Highest earning potential: R861 283

7 Management Consultants

Management consultants help with the evaluation of existing organisations and provide expertise on how to improve performance of the company and implement best practice. Management consultants can come from varied backgrounds, such as accounting, engineering and actuary. However, they must all be highly knowledgeable in business analytics and administration.

Highest earning potential: R984 878

8 pilot

If there is one job that cannot be done by just anybody, it is that of a pilot. Pilots need to have a strong educational background, as well as specialized certifications. They also need to have a certain amount of flying hours before they can fly any commercial airline, which can dig deep in their pockets. Airlines can also choose to conduct their own rigorous training to ensure their personnel are well equipped.

Highest earning potential: R1 049 555

9 actuary

An actuary is a business professional in charge of the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. To make it as actuaries, professionals need to have an exceptionally good mathematical capability, especially as part of their role is to calculate the potential of an uncertain event, such as natural disasters; assessing the effect of financial loss.

Asset management, liability management, business knowledge and analytical skills, are the top skills actuaries need to possess.

Highest earning potential: R1 271 287 

10 Medical Specialists

Specialist doctors need to acquire an advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine. The earning potential of medical specialists vary greatly, but neurosurgeons are usually among the highest paid.

Eskom Customer Service Graduate Opportunity

Eskom is offering x20 Graduates to apply for their Customer Service Graduate opportunity based in various provinces. You will need a Bcom.

Graduate in Training x20 Customer Service

Task Grade : I01
Area of Specialization : Customer Service
Department : Customer Service Operations
Business Unit : Various
Location : Various

Reference Number : 5000563209MH

Minimum Requirements


• B Com Marketing/ B Com Business Management/ BSc Computer Science/B Com Finance/ BA Public Administration

Skills and Competencies

• Communication Skills, verbal and written

• Computer Literacy

• Interpersonal skills

• Analytical Skills

Key Responsibilities

• Learn how to co-ordinate and monitor General Ledger account management and compliance

• Learn how to facilitate and monitor Tax compliance

• Learn how to facilitate and maintain compliance to financial and statutory reporting


• Learn how to maintain effective controls and reporting

• Learn how to facilitate and maintain an efficient financial Accounting and Compliance services

Closing Date: 21 November 2017




RTMC: Traffic Police Traineeship Programme 2018


• South African Citizenship

• A Senior Certificate/Grade 12 or equivalent (minimum)

• A valid code B drivers licence (minimum) .

• Below the age of thirty – five (35)

• All successful candidates will be subject to driving skills assessment

• Medical screening will be conducted by the RTMC

• Security clearance and criminal records checks will be conducted by the RTMC

• Willing to undergo training in all weather

The successful candidate must have the following attributes and competencies:

• Good problem solving skills

• Resistance

• Good communication and I nterpersonal skills

• Conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

• Good communication skills, written and verbal

• Good driving and observation skills

• Basic understanding of the Criminal Procedure Act , Road Traffic Management Act and National Road Traffic Act

• Knowledge of at least two of the provincial languages . Diligence and discipline

Duties: Full participat ion and involvement in the RTMC training program and processes for a duration of three ( 3 ) years

The successful candidates will be required to enter into a three ( 3 ) year training contract with the RTMC.

To apply please submit a letter of application (no prescribed template), accompanied by a recent Curriculum Vitae as well as certified copies of qualifications, identity document and driving license. Further verification of qualifications will be done.

You can apply online, post or hand deliver to the following address:

The Office of the CEO, RTMC, Private Bag X 147, Pretoria 0001 or hand delivered to Eco Origin Office Park , Block F , 349 Witch – Hazel Street , Highveld Ex 79, Centurion 0157

Online applications can be submitted via the RTMC website under Vacancies. The RTMC reserves the right not to make an appointment. Due to the large number of applications we envisage receiving, applications will not be acknowledged. If you have not received an y response from us within 3 months, please consider your application unsuccessful.


Metropolitan: Learnership Programme 2018

Location: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria

Are you currently unemployed? Are you seeking a Learnership opportunity to develop your potential and create a bright future at an industry leading insurer? Are you a dynamic, self-starter who is passionate about providing excellent service to our clients? This is the opportunity for you!

We have an exciting Service Consultant Learnership available in Corporate & Public Sector Segment, commencing 1 February 2018

Should you be successful, you will be employed for a period of 12 months, with a monthly stipend/allowance of R3500.00. The highlight of the learnership is the opportunity to complete a qualification in Long Term Insurance.


  • Matric or Grade 12
  • Minimum C-symbol in English
  • Minimum symbol in one of the following:
    • D – Mathematics
    • D – Accounting
    • C – Maths Literacy
  • Be younger than 25 years of age



Apply Online for the MMI Holdings Service Consultant Learnership Programme in Centurion

Apply Online for the MMI Holdings Service Consultant Learnership Programme in Cape Town

Apply Online for the MMI Holdings Service Consultant Learnership Programme in Sandton

Apply Online for the MMI Holdings Short Tern Insurance Learnership Programme in Centurion

Learner Plant Operators X98 ref:5000562406MH and Learner Atisans x183 ref:5000562401MH

Learners for Plant Operators and Artisans at Eskom

This is a Learnership programme where incumbents will be afforded training internal to Eskom and external where required. This is a wonderful opportunity at Eskom.

Learner Plant Operators X98

Minimum Requirements


• Grade 12 with Maths, Physical Science and English or

• N3 with Maths, Engineering Science and English

• Level 4 Technical with English

Learner Artisans X183

Minimum Requirements


• Grade 12 with Maths, Physical Science and English or

• N3 with Maths, Engineering Science and English

• Level 4 Technical with English


For submission, please drop your detailed CV, ID copy and Completed Qualification copies at nearest Eskom Office.



Closing Date: 21 November 2017



Netcare Bursary South Africa 2018


Netcare are the largest provider of private healthcare in South Africa, as well as in the United Kingdom. The network was initiated in 1996 in South Africa, and in 2001 it expanded into the United Kingdom.

The Netcare bursary programme is intended for academically gifted students who wish to make a difference in the country, but lack the funding that is required to further their studies. If your passion lies in helping other, through either the medical or business sector, you should apply now.


The bursary programme is open to students who are currently studying (or intend on studying) within the Pharmacy or Commerce faculty.

The following study expenses will be covered by the bursary: tuition, prescribed textbooks, accommodation and a living allowance.


Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying:

  • South African citizen,
  • In possession of a Matric certificate,
  • Strong academic record,
  • Proven financial need,
  • Accepted by a recognised South African tertiary institution.

*Preference will be given to previously disadvantaged students.


Interested applications should request an application form via email to:


To be confirmed.


For any bursary queries, please contact one of the following campuses:
Head Office: 011 301 0000
Gauteng (South West) campus: 011 628 7600
Gauteng (North East) campus: 012 644 4900
Western Cape campus: 021 949 5271
Kwa-Zulu Natal campus: 031 581 8200
Eastern Cape campus: 041 363 2138

Dept of Environmental Affairs: Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

The maximum amount of the bursary is R40 000.00

The Department of Environmental Affairs is inviting full-time students to apply for bursaries, to be awarded in the 2018 academic year, in the following fields of study:

Chemicals and Waste Management (Ref: CWM / 01 / 2018)

  • MSc / MTech Environmental Science
  • MSc / MTech Chemical Engineering / Chemistry
  • MSc / MTech Biochemistry or Microbiology
  • MSc / MTech Biomedical Chemistry
  • Honours / MSc / MTech Waste Management
  • MSc / MTech Environmental Health
  • MSc / MTech Environmental Chemistry
  • MSc / MTech Toxicology / Eco-toxicology
  • MSc Natural Sciences (Biology / Zoology / Botany / Ecology / Physiology / Applied Chemistry / Biochemistry / Microbiology / Endocrinology /  Entomology)
Climate Change and Air Quality Management (Ref: CCAQ / 02 / 2018)

  • LLB specialising in Environmental Sciences
  • BSc / ND Environmental Science / Environmental Health
  • BSc Environmental Science with Chemistry as one of the subjects
  • BSc in Analytical Chemistry
  • BTech Metrology
  • BSc / BEng in Environmental Engineering

BSc(Hons)/MSc in Atmospheric Science/Air Quality Modelling

Environmental Programmes (Ref: EP / 03 / 2018)

  • BSc (Botany / Zoology /  Molecular Biology / Genetics/ Microbiology / Biochemistry / Environmental Science)
  • ND / Degree Forensic Science
  • ND / Degree Industrial and Applied Biotechnology
  • ND / Degree Crop and Horticulture Science
  • B Sc: ConsEcol
  • B Sc:  Environmental Science (Biological Resources / Water Resources / People and the Environment / Environmental Economics /  Environmental Law
  • ND / BTech: Forestry
  • ND / BTech Nature Conservation
  • BSc Biological Sciences
  • LLM : Law of contracts / Procedural Law
Chief Operating Officer (Ref: COO / 04 / 2018)

  • ND / BSc / Honours / Masters Environmental Science / Environmental Management
  • Bachelor s degree / Honours / Masters / PhD Environmental Monitoring, Compliance, Enforcement and Control
  • Degree, honours, masters Climate change and sustainability management
  • Honours, masters, PhD Environmental research and development
  • Degree, Honours, Masters, PhD Environmental Engineering
  • Degree, Honours, Masters Environmental Health
Environmental Advisory Services  (Ref: EAS / 08 / 2018)

  • BSc / Honours/ Masters Environmental Science
  • BSc / Honours/ International Relations Law
  • BSc / Honours/ Masters Geomatics
  • BSc / Honours/ Masters Geoinformatics
  • BSc / Honours/ Masters Geographic Information System
  • BSc / Honours/ Masters Remote Sensing
Legal Authorisations and Enforcement (Ref: LACE / 05 / 2018)

  • LLB (Major courses Administrative law, legislative drafting)
  • LLM
  • BA Law
  • A Diploma or Degree in Paralegal
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management (majoring in Animal and wildlife management)
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BSc majoring in Geography
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management majoring in Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BSc Botany
Biodiversity and Conservation (Ref: B&C / 06 / 2018)

  • BSc / BTech / MTech / Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD (Biological Sciences;  Microbiology;  Plant Pathology;  Molecular Biology and Genetics)
  • BSc / BTech / MTech/Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD (Environmental Management; Geography; Biological Sciences and Climatology)
  • ND / Bachelor’sdegree / BTech / MTech / Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD Environmental Science, Town and Regional Planning, Development Studies, Soil Sciences, or Natural Sciences; Aquatic health
  • B Sc / BTech / M Tech /  Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD (Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environmental Management, Environmental Planning)
  • B Sc /  BTech / MTech / Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD  (Botany, Zoology Conservation management and Biodiversity conservation)
  • ND / B-Tech / BCom, Honours, Masters Resource Economics (Ecology, CBNRM)
  • Diploma, BA social sciences, Honours, Masters Social sciences (Community)
  • ND / B Tech, Honours, Masters  (Zoology/Ecology/Environmental Conservation)
  • ND / B Tech, Honours, Masters  (BHCS Heritage and Cultural Studies)
  • ND / B Tech, Honours, Masters  (Cultural and Natural Resource Management)
  • ND / B Tech Degree, Honours, Masters / BSc Nature Conservation
Oceans and Coast (Ref: OC / 07 / 2018)

  • ND / B Tech/ B Sc Hons / M Sc/ PhD: Marine Science
  • B Sc Zoology
  • B Sc Environmental Economics
  • B Tech / M Tech: Oceanography
  • B Sc Environmental Science / Management
  • PhD: Taxonomy (Zooplankton / Phytoplankton)
  • B Sc / B Sc Hons / M Sc / PhD: Marine Remote Sensing

All applications should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Motivation as to why the bursary should be awarded to you.
  • Certified copies of qualifications and recent academic records
  • Certified copies of Identity Document (Applicant and parent/s or guardian)
  • Acceptance letter from first year students (added advantage)
  • Proof of registration (if already enrolled with the institution of higher learning)
  • Proof of parents or guardian’s income
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Proof if parents are deceased
  • Affidavit if parents are not working

Application must be submitted either by post or hand-delivered to the forwarded addresses:


Hand delivery: Environment House
473 Steve Biko Street
Cnr Steve Biko and
Soutpansberg Road

Attention: Learning and
Development or hand-delivered to:


Department of Environmental Affairs,
Private Bag X447,
Attention: Learning and Development

Cape Town:

Hand delivery Department of Environmental Affairs
63 Strand Street
Nedbank Building
Cape Town

Enquiries can be directed to:


Busisiwe Stemele
Tel: 012 399 8685

Nita Makgohlo,
Tel: 012 399 8684

Mokhobo Putu
Tel: 012 399 9018

Cape Town

Sarah Mathunyane
Tel: 021 814 8084

Nozuko Grootboom
Tel: 021 814 8088

Note: This advert only applies to individuals that are registered as fulltime students with the institution of higher learning and not employed.

Consideration will be given to previously disadvantaged and people with disability who are South African citizens and have successfully completed their first year of undergraduate study or those who are currently registered for postgraduate studies. However, strongly motivated applications from first-year students within the above mentioned fields of study will also be considered.


Delivery drivers Job Available

  •  Salary: R9 500 Per Month
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Sectors: General, Automotive, Motoring
  • Reference: TJFB-8034

Our client is expanding and as a result they require 4 delivery drivers to add to their existing team. Working hours are Monday to Friday 7am – 4pm with no weekend work. The role includes loading and unloading vehicles for consignment, delivering merchandise to their vendors according to daily route schedule, daily vehicle inspections and reporting any faults or maintenance issues, ensuring vehicles are maintained and in a presentable condition.

Drivers License (Code C),
Minimum 2 years driving experience,
Previous experience as a multi drop delivery driver preferred,
Good knowledge of the area,
Professional and courteous with good customer service skills,

On Offer : R 9,500 per month.

To be considered, please apply below and attach a detailed copy of your CV with at least 2 traceable references and a clear certified copy of your drivers license or these may be sent to (086)571 96 32.

(MQA) Bursary Scheme 2018

The application period for the 2018 Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) Bursary Scheme intake is now open and qualifying learners are invited to submit their applications.

The MQA would like to invite learners excelling in maths and science, who will be studying towards a career in the mining and minerals sector, to apply for an MQA bursary. The MQA Bursary Scheme is open to qualifying grade 12 learners or those currently writing their 2017 grade 12 examinations, and students who are studying towards a certificate, diploma, degree or BTech at a university or university of technology. Students at Technical Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) colleges also qualify.

The MQA is a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) for the mining and minerals sector in terms of the Skills Development Act No. 97 of 1998.

The MQA Bursary Scheme funds the following:

1.Disciplines at Universities or Universities of Technology:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering (Extractive only)
  • Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current only)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering (Mineral Processing)
  • Environmental Health Management
  • Mining Survey
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering
  • Jewellery Design and Manufacturing
  • Geology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Industrial Engineering

2.Trades at TVET Colleges:

  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Fitter and Turner
  • Fitting including Machinery
  • Electrician
  • Boilermaker
  • Rigger Ropesman
  • Millwright
  • Instrumentation Mechanician

NB: preference will be given to female learners, learners with disabilities and learners living in rural communities.

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