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whos the first person started the white wedding?

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Wedding ceremonies are rich with custom and history, but do you know where these traditions come from?
From tossing the bouquet to being carried over the threshold, weddings have been mired in tradition since ceremonies were first held.

But how did these traditions originate? And how many of these age-old customs are still being practised today?

It’s hard to say because weddings are constantly evolving and changing. With the introduction of new trends, old traditions are quickly being replaced with modern customs. And while we’re fans of the more modern approach, we certainly appreciate the story and history behind some of the more ancient wedding traditions.

Here are four customs whose origins may surprise you.

Wedding dresses weren’t always white

it was Queen Victoria who started the white wedding dress trend.

While many associate the white wedding dress and veil with purity, the colour white only became popular after Queen Victoria married Prince Albert back in 1840 (which makes this trend, oh, only about 176 years old).

Apparently she simply chose a white dress because she fancied it. Of course, this went down a treat, as today white is the most popular wedding gown hue in Western cultures.

Before that, people were known to either wear their Sunday best, or blue. Blue was worn specifically among early Christians as the colour was closely associated with the Virgin Mary and represented wholesomeness.

Instead of being eaten, cakes were thrown at brides
Sure, some couples love to playfully shove wedding cake into each other’s mouths, maybe smearing it across a cheek or a chip, but this tradition goes way back. Instead of being eaten, the first wedding cakes were thrown at brides (yes, at their faces!) . The tradition itself stems from ancient Rome, where loaves of bread  were broken over a bride’s head as wheat represented fertility.

Shine Bright Like An African reach continent


Today, an astounding 50% of the world’s population can no longer see the stars because of pollution. But in many remote areas of Africa, you will be amazed by the thousands of points of light that fill the sky without interference from city lights or smog. As stars have influenced the daily activities of some African tribes for generations, astronomy is a major part of a safari. Many lodges and camps offer telescopes and some even have in-house astronomers should you wish to learn more about starry nights. Others offer the option of sleeping outdoors under the stars in sleeping bags or on raised platforms. Here are our top picks of the best places to star gaze in Africa.

Private Dining at the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge-Namibia

Private Dining at the Pumulani resort, Malawi.

Stargazing at the Nkwichi Lodge-Mozambique-Africa

Stargazing at the Norman Carr Safaris-Zambia.

Stargazing at the-Sanctuary Baines Camp-Botswana

Stargazing at the-he luxurious Makanyane Lodge-South Africa

Stargazing at the-Sinai Desert-Egypt

Stargazing at the-Sabi Sabi Game Reserve-South Africa

Stargazing at the-Loisaba Lodge-Kenya




Night Cashier / Hostess
Date Job Posted: 02-Mar-2016
Location: Cape Town
Seeking professionals who have experience in delivering great costumer service, are honest and reliable.  You must be able to handle long hours and working in a fast paced, lively atmosphere.

Training provided but you must have experience in cash handling and customer service.  Position suits someone looking for a stable income and who can work night shifts, 5 nights per week.  Great opportunity to grow within the hospitality industry as this is a stepping stone to supervisory positions.

Please email your CV with contactable references and a recent picture to Only suitable applicants will be contacted for an interview.

As part  of the screening process all applicants will be required to undergo a pre-employment polygraph test.

We are serious about our business so I am only looking for applicants who comply with the above specifications.

Closing date: 18 march 2016.

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