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Apply for a Junior Leadership Programme

Are You Available : Apply Now

Equal Education’s Junior Organiser (JO) Internship Programme is for young people who are passionate about being leaders within and outside of their communities.

Through the program, aspiring young activists develop leadership, facilitation, community organising and communication skills.

During the internship, JO’s will be involved in running Youth Groups; youth group is our main platform for engaging and developing equalizers.

The work of a JO will entail: working with a team of facilitators, building strong relationships in communities and schools, participating in and assisting with campaigns.

Participants must be energetic, hard-working, self-motivated and team players who are able to adapt to a fast-changing environment,

The 2018 JO Internship Programme entails the following:

  • It is a one year, full-time, paid internship based in the Youth Department.
  • Meeting with school and community members to build relationships and involve them in our work.
  • Each JO will be an integral part of youth groups, which includes working with a team of facilitators and ensuring that logistics around youth groups are taken care of.
  • Political Education, Leadership Development, and other training workshops.
  • Representing EE on public and private platforms.
  • Office hours are 9-5pm. However, JOs work flexible hours (late evenings and weekends).


  • Must be between ages of 18 – 27.
  • Post school youth who have relevant experience in facilitating or working with school pupils.
  • Are able to commit 100% of your time to the organisation. Successful applicants must be able to start the programme full-time on 1 February 2018.

Characteristics we are looking for include:

  • Leadership
  • Ability to work hard and focus
  • Maturity
  • Dedication
  • Passion
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Punctuality
  • Problem solving techniques.

Equal Education’s Junior Organiser (JO) Internship Programme is for young people who are passionate about being leaders within and outside of their communities.

Download the application form here APPLICATION LINK

pply now if Your Interested in The Insurance Sector Learnership

Octomate is an Insurance Sector Education Training Company. They deliver Insurance Learnerships, Skills Programs, Internships, RPL and e-Learning Programs.

Doves Group in conjunction with Octomate is offering a Learnership FETC Long Term Insurance NQF Level 4.

This learnership programme is targeted at unemployed matriculates in CapeTown – South Africa.

It is a one year programme.

There are good chances of permanent employment within the group after successfully completing the programme.

Successful candidates will be required to sign a learnership contract.

They will receive a stipend/ learner allowance for the duration of the learnership.

Job Requirements: 

  • Be between the ages of 18-35
  • Be able to speak, read and write English and any additional South African Language
  • Have completed and passed matric Computer literacy an added advantage
  • Not be permanently employed
  • Not be studying at any other institution
  • Not be registered on any other learnership
  • Must be able to communicate clearly
  • Demonstrates a professional image

The key competencies required for these posts include:

  • Honesty and integrity,
  • Trust,
  • Passion to serve,
  • Respect and innovation.

Suitable for people with a disability

Octomate is an Insurance Sector Education Training Company. They deliver Insurance Learnerships, Skills Programs, Internships, RPL and e-Learning Programs.

Application Closing Date: Friday, January 27, 2018

Send CV to:

How to Submit Late Applications to Universities and TVET Colleges in 2018.

The Central Applications Clearing House (CACH) online application service for matriculants, who struggled to secure a place at the educational institution of their choice, will open from 5 January – 28 February 2018.

CACH services are particularly useful for applicants who applied for admission to a university or college in time, but have not been offered a place or their programme of choice.

It can also be useful for prospective students who achieved better than expected results, and now wish to access a different course or university or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college.

Students who missed the application window period for one reason or the other can also use CACH services.

CACH was established in 2013 in response to the large number of applicants seeking entry to the Post School Education and Training (PSET) sector in January, when most universities have closed their application process.

It is provided by the Department of Higher Education and Training as a service that is free to both applicants and institutions.

Now in its fifth year, CACH has attracted 18 329 applicants.

A survey taken on 10 087 applicants in March 2016 revealed that 33% (3 328) of students had found a place in PSET or employment since contacting CACH.

A survey taken of 11 770 applicants in March 2017 revealed that 37.3% (4 390) of students had found a place in PSET, or employment since contacting CACH.

This reflects an increase of 1 062 learners finding a place in the PSET sector. The increase is an indication of the positive impact of CACH.

Alternatively, prospective students can call the toll-free call centre number on 0860 35 66 35 from 8am to 8pm.

Central Application Service

Meanwhile, the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has recently approved a policy for the establishment of a Central Application Service (CAS) for PSET.

The policy is an initial step in the legislative process to establish a one-stop online application system for students to access multiple institutions without the need to queue at those institutions.

CAS is aimed at streamlining and simplifying the application and admissions process.

The new system will allow applicants to use the system for a range of tasks such as investigating opportunities, preparing, submitting and changing applications, and considering and accepting offers.

The CAS system will prepare application cycles, capture off-line applications, check and submit applications, communicate with applicants, resolve queries and refer rejected applicants to other opportunities.

PSET institutions will prepare programme data, receive applications, select and make offers, and register and admit students.

The main users of the system will be all entering undergraduates, who can apply for academic programmes, as specified by individual institutions.

160 Positions Available in Steel Manufacturing Engineering Learnership:


Are you interested in a global engineering career with the largest steel manufacturer in the world?

ArcelorMittal South Africa is offering learnership opportunities for matriculants to be trained as Production Process Operators at its Vanderbijlpark Works plant. Successful candidates will enter a 40 week production training contract, focusing on the iron and steel manufacturing process (Metals Production Learnership). There are 160 positions available.

Free Courses for 2018 1.Diploma in Digital Marketing 2.Diploma in Nutrition 3.Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment 4.Diploma in Graphic Design 5.Diploma in Health and Fitness 6.Diploma in Web Development 7.Diploma in Weight Loss 8.Diploma in Photoshop 9.Diploma in Sports Nutrition 10.Diploma in App Development 11.Diploma in Photography 12.Written English for Emails and Online Communications 13.Job Seeking and CV Presentation

The training programme is based on a structured outcome-based approach which includes institutional and on the job training. Regular assessments and progress monitoring will form an integral part of the learnership programme.


Complete Grade 12/Senior Certificate qualification
Must be willing to complete the production learnership programme, before considering other opportunities
45% Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy (NQF 4)
45 English (NQF 4)
Ability to complete 12-18 month learnership and interest in being a process operator

What does the learnership cover?

The learnership covers training cost and includes a monthly bursary allowance.

What happens after forty of week training?

Upon completion of the programme the candidate can be appointed in an operator position depending on business needs.

How to apply   click here
closing date is 20 February 2018.

A 43-year-old woman gives up on men and marries her dog

PHOTO: Facebook/Celia Ham.
The 43-year-old adopted the love of her life back in 2009 from a close friend whose dog had a litter.

After giving up all hope of ever finding Mr Right, this woman decided in a last-ditch effort to marry her furry little pet.

Wilhelmina Callaghan tied the knot with her Yorkshire terrier, Henry – who’s blessed with a lively personality, big, dark brown eyes and luscious brown locks – eight years ago.

The 43-year-old adopted the love of her life back in 2009 from a close friend whose dog had a litter, and she was inspired to become his blushing bride after learning that people could marry their beloved pets online.

The two were pronounced dog and wife via a website, with close friend Rebecca Carter more than willing to act as the witness.

Wilhelmina, who’s from Northern Ireland, calls 11-year-old Henry “king” and praises him for his faithfulness and support throughout the good and bad days.

“Things have fallen apart somewhat since we married in 2009,” Wilhelmina told The mirror. “I lost my job in a morgue, so was forced to become a freelance embalmer. There isn’t much money in that, and then my house flooded.”

The happily married couple enjoy cosy cuddles on the couch while watching their favourite TV shows.

Although the wedding isn’t legal in the United Kingdom, Wilhelmina believes their union is purely spiritual and takes it as seriously as a legal marriage.

The redhead, who’s since adopted nine more dogs, started a facebook page dedicated to all her fluffy little canines under the alias Celia Ham.

When there’s tension brewing between pooches in the household Henry promptly comes to the rescue and plays the role of the peacemaker.

“If a new dog enters the fold Henry is the first to go over and say hello. There’s no ego, he’s just so friendly,” the proud wife says.

The happily married couple even have their own special song, which Henry absolute loves when his human wife sings it to him.

“When I sing it he runs over. It’s called Harry’s Song [Harry is a nickname for Henry] and it includes the lyrics, ‘Harry is my love. Harry is the one’,” she says.

Wilhelmina insists dogs are way better than men and say most marriages between people end up being catastrophic.

“Unlike other marriages which fall apart, I know I’m with Henry for life. People might think I’m barking mad but he’s perfect for me,” Wilhelmina says.

Every Woman Wants Longer Lashes – Is This Product A Solution?

In the past 3 months we have received over 1,000 emails from our followers about the eyelash growth product we wrote about. All of our penny pinching followers keep asking when the promotion is coming back. Well my frugal sisters, the exclusive promo is officially BACK!

This product is clinically proven to pack on length and density to your lashes (and eyebrows) in a month or less. We even received testimonials from women that completely changed their eyelashes in less than 3 weeks. No kidding, these products are a proven solution to longer stronger eyelashes. Below we’ll give you more proof of the effectiveness and info about why this product works so well.

For most of us, gluing on fake eyelashes is a standard lash solution. Forget that! This product, Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer, can make your lashes so thick, long, and beautiful that you won’t even have to use mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, or any make up for that matter. In the past, we have evaluated many other eyelash growth formulas and everyone of them over promised and was basically just vitamins. In this report, we take an in-depth look at the product the really can stimulate real lash growth.

You’ve probably seen the testimonial on YouTube where the 36 year old women grows here lashes 150% thicker and longer in a month. That was Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer. As you’ll see below, this product is completely safe and used by our followers, famous celebrities, and models around the world. I know we’ve written about Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer before, but the Exclusive Promo is back and we wanted to write about them again! Share this article with one of your friends and tell her to start growing her lashes with you.


“I’d always been secretly jealous of the women I’d see in magazines who had thick, dark eyelashes and amazingly beautiful looking eyes with thick dark eyebrows. I’d just assumed the photos were retouched… but now I know it’s actually possible to get model-quality eyelashes and brows in real life!

how to looked younger wile you are old face

“I’m 64, but my face is 45”, says Chicago grandmother.”

“…I never had a single needle in my face…”

After an incredible summer, we all want to step into the Fall looking just as refreshed and as we feel. Sadly, as we age, this gets more and more difficult. With every passing year we all look a little more tired, a little more wrinkly and, yes – older.

Women have been fighting the physical signs of the aging process since time immemorial, but one Chicago grandmother claims to have discovered something that can help her stay young without surgery or cosmetic injection needles.

When I met Martha in Chicago, she looked incredibly youthful and glamorous. I was told that she is older than she looks. After all, that was why I was interviewing her. But I was impressed with just how much.


bitcoin is the answer

Bitcoin dominated the financial world breaking records every month throughout 2017.

Ever had a case where you wished you had bought something in the past that eventually went up significantly in value? Perhaps a plot in a low-value district which is now worth ten times more? Well, then you need to see how well Bitcoin investors have done in the past few months alone.


In January 2017, Bitcoin hit $1000 and the world took notice. 5 months later Bitcoin doubled its value to $2000, and the world media and newspapers all over the citystarted filling up with stories of self-made millionaires who made their money from investing small amounts in Bitcoin. Another two months after that, Bitcoin shocked the world by tripling its value to $6000, only to increase one month after that to the staggering value of $13,000.

At the time of writing these lines, Bitcoin has already reached the $13,000 mark, and it seems Bitcoin is hitting new highs even more frequently now.

In part, it’s simple math: the jump from $1,000 to $2,000 is much steeper in percentage terms than from $12,000 to $13,000. Still, as Bitcoin surpasses each new symbolic value, it attracts more attention, and with more attention comes more demand, and so its value continues to rise.

Billionaires such as PayPal’s founder Wenses Caseres confidently say Bitcoin can reach as high as $1,000,000 in the coming years, while software giant John McAfee publically predicted Bitcoin prices to reach as high as $500,000 by 2020, That would require an 800% increase per year, and with 2017 exceeding all predictions for Bitcoin value, their forecast for 2018 and the years to come for Bitcoin does not seem farfetched anymore.



The main idea behind Bitcoin and why it makes so much sense is very simple. Normal currencies are controlled by governments, who are able to print money when they need it. By doing so, they can cause the value of their own currency to go down overnight, for example, when they need to repay a debt. Bitcoin is solving this issue by completely removing the government’s control from this equation – meaning, there’s no central bank or government which can print Bitcoin. Moreover, Bitcoin was created with a mathematical limitation to the number of Bitcoins that can be created, and so it creates an economy where no government can intervene. With limited supply and a constantly rising demand, the more people buying Bitcoin, the more its value is going to rise.

ways to deal with body odour

With the mercury rising, it’s normal to deal with a wee case of body odour every now and then. Try these life hacks to ensure that you stay fresh all day.

1. Wash daily. It may be the most obvious, but some folk think that they can go a day without a shower and not smell funky. The combination of sweat, bacteria, sebum and dust that accumulates on our skin can cause a bit of a smell, so a simple shower takes care of it and gives skin an opportunity to breathe. Use warm water, and soap; and rinse thoroughly.

2. Change clothes. You may bath all you want, but if you don’t change your clothes, you may not be able to rid yourself of body odour. Here’s the thing; the shirt you wore yesterday still has sweat residue and active bacteria on it which will give off an off odour until you wash it. Even if you use perfume on your clothes, a bad odour can still emanate through.

3. Wear loose fitting cotton clothes. The hot weather means you can show more skin, which also helps skin breathe. Wearing cotton underwear and going commando at night will help your nether regions breathe a bit, which can prevent things like thrush.

Loose fitting clothes will prevent you from over sweating, which in turn reduces chances of developing an odour.

4. Use deodorant. This product should be your friend, especially during warmer seasons. There are plenty of options on the market, from your germ defending to ones for sensitive skin, and ones with organic ingredients. Try a few until you find something that suits you and your skin. Another trick is to use some roll-on deodorant after a shower at night as well as in the morning. Keep a deodorant spray in your handbag to use whenever you need to freshen up.

5. Get treated for excessive sweating. Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis can be hard to deal with, but there are medical and cosmetic ways to treat it. Speak to your GP or dermatologist about suitable treatments. There are prescription antiperspirants you may want to try, Botox injected directly under the arms, prescription drugs or surgery depending on the severity of the problem.

Why relationship goals shouldn’t be based on what you see on social media

Instagram .
The phrase ‘relationship goals’ has become quiet popular on social media. Looking up to what other couples post on social media can in more ways than one set you up for disappointment, here’s why.

Pictures are an illusion

In reality, nobody knows the ins and outs of a relationship except the two people who are in it. There’s a lot behind the laughs and smiles you see in pictures. Like everyone, couples choose what they want to share and what they don’t want to. We don’t get to see the fights, tears at nights, insecurities and other not so rosy behind-the-scenes moments.

Unrealistic expectations

Society has created an image of what ‘the perfect relationship’ should be like and this puts unnecessary pressure on many of us. Not only do these goals pressure you to break the bank in order to be seen at the same places as your favourite couple, they also make you forget to live in the moment because you’re chasing the perfect Instagram picture.

Living through others  

Goals are great to have; be it in your career, relationship or life in general. However, this becomes a problem when you strive to imitate someone else’s life exactly as it is. This limits you in building a unique partnership where you have the opportunity to become your own ‘goals.’


Are they yours or social media standards?

By having relationship goals you are in many ways giving Twitter and Instagram liberty to decide on your behalf what the ideal partner is for you. The truth is, if you expect your relationship to be in line with social media standards you won’t be happy.

What exactly are goals?

This again depends on what you consider as your goals. We all want different things in a relationship. While others are in it for the expensive holidays and gifts, others want a support structure, stability, security and most importantly, love. So, it’s always a good idea to know what exactly it is that you want from a relationship. That way your goals will be in line with the kind of couples you look up to.

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